Understanding the most common ways ransomware attacks, allows you to determine the best protection and how to defend against it

We support customers to determine the reasons behind Ransomware attacks, and how to prevent them happening again. Cryptolocker is not a virus nor a type of malware, so your traditional antivirus cannot detect and clean it.


This is because legacy antivirus solutions simply check and ‘compare’ a piece of code against a database listing of virus’. If it registers a match, then it stops, cleans, quarantines or takes the appropriate action. Cryptolocker (and other similar forms of Ransomware) are pieces of code, which use your computer encryption module, encrypt your files and try to propagate all over your network. A traditional Antivirus is simply unable to detect this.


These pieces of code can not only encrypt your files, but you may even be asked to pay in order to have you data restored. This payment is often requested in the form of Bitcoins, allowing the transactions to remain anonymous. Many victims have paid in order to recover their data, but this solution simply allows the perpetrators to target the victims again.


Technorizon brings together a team of IT experts and professionals in excess of 20 years proven industry experience in the areas of Internet Security & Ransomware. Our approach is “pro-active”. We support you to detect, prevent and recover from traditional Ransomware, and even newer forms of Ransomware not encountered before, such as ‘zero-day attacks’. In cases like this, ‘anti-ransomware’ is an additional layer of security required to determine the origin of the code.


Traditional antivirus systems will not detect these forms of attacks. Technorizon can provide you with a complete anti-ransomware solution that helps you detect, prevent, and recover from Ransomware attacks.  Please contact us for further information.