Still using tape drives? Are you sure that your online backup solution, actually has data within it? Don’t take any risks!

Many clients have migrated from tape to dedicated appliances -  why? Simple, it's faster, more effective, reliable and ensures immediate restoration of files (the Achilles heel of backups)

A proper Backup system, must be:

  • Simple to manage
  • Compatible with all systems (including Virtual Servers)
  • Have offsite copy capability and replication
  • Must use deduplication technology (doesn’t need to make multiple copies of the same data and hence saves space)
  • Must include agents for all O.S’s and Virtual Machines



Fulfilling the above criteria, you will be 100 % sure that your backup system can handle any disaster like fires, elimination of files by error, works across multiple Data Centre’s, etc...

According to statistics, most companies who lose their data, without a proper backup strategy, close down in a couple of years. Avoid disaster, call us and we will help you implement a correct backup strategy, depending on your individual necessities.