Built and improved over the past 7 years, Bayshore’s products all share the Bayshore Policy Engine, which provides comprehensive deep packet inspection, and flexible policy controls for a wide range of industrial OT network protocols


Bayshore’s Modular ICS Protection Platform enables industrial operators to implement real-time protection across their entire networks, not just at the perimeter and combine it with robust asset discovery and management for a comprehensive solution from a single supplier.


It has been proven that the complex industrial environment can’t be protected by traditional enterprise firewall. OT environment doesn’t have the standard set of protocols and signatures. Bayshore founders analyzed the needs of the OT environment to the finest detail. traditional blacklisting capabilities of a firewall with whitelisting functionality

Bayshore enables organizations to manage their power for safe and efficient production. It adopts business continuity as a principle. It is aimed at achieving improved business results. Bayshore maintains active protection solution for OT environments. This effective Industrial Cyber Protection solution protects equipment, industrial plant against cyber threats.

Bayshore is specially designed for OT environment. Bayshore has the most extensive list of Industrial protocol handlers available. 

Bayshore has a powerful Learning Engine. It automatically generates policies to protect industrial infrastructure. It creates a whitelist of regular or approved applications. With Artificial Intelligence, it detects threats and abnormal behavior instantly. It has been deployed in line. 

Bayshore also provides adequate protection for SCADA systems. It continuously collects data from devices such as PLC in real time and manages the factors affecting production from a single center and provides the possibility to the remote control. SCADA system can be used in hydroelectric, nuclear power generation, natural gas production, and processing plants and many different industries. The capture of such a powerful mechanism by malicious people can lead to disaster. Therefore, SCADA must be protected from dangerous instructions and activities. SCADAfuse offers turn-key protection for PLCs and SCADA/DCS devices.


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