Black Phone

Black Phone

Blackphone 2 Blackphone is the world’s first smartphone built from the ground up to be private by design. Now with a faster processor, more RAM and a larger display.

                     A Unique Emphasis on Privacy

Designed to deliver privacy while providing the next generation features that mobile users
want, Blackphone is Silent Circle’s unique privacy-first smartphone offering.
With Silent OS, Blackphone 2 provides a familiar Android environment and access to Google
apps and services, while offering choice and control over how and when data is shared. With
support for MDM services and Android for Work, Blackphone 2 is ideally suited for

Secure Boot and Integrity Verification​

Secure boot detects and prevents attempted system modifications.

Silent OS implements dm-verity to guarantee system integrity from the factory.

Data Separation via Spaces

Create up to four virtual phones on one device, with data separation and control over per-Space privacy settings.Supports deployment of Managed Spaces to provide enterprise-controlled collections of apps and settings.

Fast OTA Updates for Critical Vulnerabilities

Silent Circle maintains its own distribution system to directly issue Silent OS updates. OTA updates to address major vulnerabilities are submitted for certification within 72 hours of vulnerability notification.

Privacy By Default

Blackphone is encrypted by default with 128-bit AES to protect stored data, and our apps offer encrypted text,file transfer, and voice out of the box. Blackphone includes a one-year subscription to Silent Phone, plus 100.
Silent World minutes per month to securely call mobile and land lines in more than 80 countries with no roaming charges.

Enhanced Security Settings

Silent OS offers Android security enhancements such as separate encryption and screen lock passcodes; automatic disabling of installation from unknown sources after a set time period; and randomized pin pad display for secure passcode entry.

Blackphone Security Center

Blackphone Security Center provides easy access to privacy and security settings in one convenient place, including management of Spaces and app-level permission controls: users decide how and when data is shared, while maintaining access to the the apps and services they need.