CybSafe is the world’s first intelligent cyber security and data analytics platform that enables you to quantify your human cyber risk and resilience, whilst measuring whether your awareness activities (such as training and phishing simulations) are actually working.

CybSafe does this in a way both information security professionals and executives can understand and provides data-driven insight that can be used to optimise awareness, behaviour and culture programs.

CybSafe is cyber security technology that fuses psychology and behavioural science with artificial intelligence and data science.

When the information security violations experienced by the world most known companies in recent years are examined in detail, the lack of information security awareness of the employees is encountered. One of the most critical risks that threaten information security is the lack of knowledge of employees. Cybsafe is a platform specialized in cybersecurity awareness, behaviour, and culture. Technology is not enough to manage cyber risk. Human is still the weakest chain. Cybsafe goes way beyond the clichés and simple applications.

Reducing human cyber risk is its most important goal and uses many tools for it. CybSafe offers data and metrics for a better cybersecurity culture. Having risk metrics, measurements, indicators, and insights It will enable you to understand the dynamics of your workplace and do better cyber risk management. Know that the stories told won’t help you to understand your primary deficits and problems. Cybsafe Works with psychologists and leading behavioural scientists. Behavioural-based assessment and personalization are adopted. AI-machine learning tracks user knowledge, habits, and attitudes and personalized content in response. With the analytical engine feature, security teams can identify all problems and shortcomings and provide continuous improvement by giving feedback to employees.

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