fbpx Fantastic Seminar last 13th of June at Level39 offices | Technorizon U.K.

Fantastic Seminar last 13th of June at Level39 offices

Our second seminar of the year, taken place in our office in Canary Wharf was a success. Last Thursday was a very informative and exciting day for our attendees in Level 39. With the Collaboration of our Partners Watchguard and Ciphercloud our attendees had a great chance to catch up with new trends on cybersecurity and learn a little more about our cutting-edge solutions.

Nick Porter from Watchguard talked about the best in class Firewall on the market the Unified Threat Management and how it can deliver all in one security solution; also providing detailed reports. He talked about their SECURE WIFI product and how securing your access point is essential to keep yourself, your staff and your clients. Ricardo from Technorizon showed our attendees how easy it is for a "bad hacker" to set up rogue access point and steal users information with just a couple of clicks.

On the other hand, we had Nick Sears, from Ciphercloud talking about how important it is to protect your assets on the cloud. Many companies believe just by being in the cloud your data is presumably safe, 'that's wrong. Hackers now can penetrate, for example, your Salesforce data and steal it from you without detection, Nick showed us how important an extra layer of security on the cloud is. Protecting your data and having a complete visibility of who access to what and when is a MUST. Ajay did a DEMO for us proving how easy it is to encrypt your cloud data and keep it encrypted with Ciphercloud even if downloading anywhere!

At the end of the seminar, we had a interactive quiz focusing on the event's topic and gave as prize an Alexa echo AI  Great day, great attendance, and we are sure our attendees went back home knowing a little more of "why the data is the new oil". Looking forward to our next topic, which will be focused on Understanding Insider Attacks, imagine you already have all precautions in place for outsiser threats, but what about if the threat is already in? Do you trust on ALL your employees AND contractors?? Find out with our Partner ObserveIT on the 25th June at 11:00 am. Register on this link:

Gabriel Mallmann