No idea about GDPR? No problem, we know it and we can tell you what steps you will need to take, so that you are compliant with GDPR.

The first question here is - what is the GDPR? And how does the GDPR affect my organisation?

The GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation, and it’s a new rule, to the UK that  affects you and your business.

We have seen a lot of businesses suffer serious losses, because of DLP leaks (see the DLP solution), or because they were hacked by cyber criminals, so the UE decided to implement this new regulation to try and resolve these issues. (And no, Brexit does not provide an escape from GDPR)


So what does the rule entail? The Rule is strictly about data and where/how to store it, starting to push companies to encrypt their data and the main problem here is that if you don’t implement GDPR you face two problems: 1. Your data it’s at risk. If others encrypt their data and you don’t, who will cybercriminals attack? And 2.- If you are not compliant with GDPR, you face strict penalties, much higher, than 'old days'.