Secondary Storage & Data Deduplication

Put an End to Explosive Data Growth

HybriStor delivers deduplication across sites, replication to multiple sites and WAN optimization between sites. This groundbreaking secondary storage globally dedupes data by rates up to 30:1 - moving backup, archive and recovery data off expensive primary storage and onto high-performance, low-cost secondary storage. Solving your data storage growth problems just got easier, enabling you to meet blazing fast recovery requirements on-premise, across sites, and even into the cloud while reducing storage costs



Reduce primary storage costs by  up to 95%

Meet blazing fast RTOs with Instant VM Recovery

Meet any backup window or RPO with ingestion rates of up to 300MB/s




Increase Productivity and Tighten Security with Zero Compromises


Reduced Storage Footprint

Instant Data Recovery

Better Backup Windows

Offers up to 95% reduced storage by deduplicating data up to 30:1, resulting in low memory demands and massive improvements in storage efficiency.

InstaCache enables automatic data retrieval without the need for data rehydration - enjoy VM recoveries up to 5x faster than our competitors.

Meet shrinking backup windows with pre and post processed, inline deduplication that dramatically boosts ingestion rates up to 300MB/s throughput.

Replicate Anywhere

Connect to Object Storage

Increased Visibility

Replicate from your premise to the cloud, or to multiple sites of your choosing. Replicate in a hub-and-spoke architecture, or in an N-1 scenario; replicate what you want, when you want.

Send high-performance deduplication and compressed data to your target object store to eliminate costly capital expenditures and to increase efficiency at scale.

Comprehensive insight into real-time job performance through a single pane-of-glass management platform enables you to manage data protection from anywhere.

Improved WAN Performance

Full API Integration

Secure Networking

Reduces WAN consumption by transmitting only globally unique and compressed data over the wire alleviating the effects of latency and relieving network congestion.

HybriStor's software-defined solution includes REST API capabilities that connect to almost any other backup and recovery solution that is REST API-enabled.

Incorporates advanced, military grade AES 256-bit encryption for secure transmission of data in-flight and at rest.


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