Network Vulnerability Scanner

SGBox includes a vulnerability scanning solution to analyze an entity’s security posture. After discovering the network, SGBox can aggregate pool of assests to define groups and relate custom scanning policies. The scans can be scheduled and every group of assets can be assigned to one or more user who will get automatic reports and alerts. SGBox adopts the CVSS (Common Vulnerability Scoring System) to rate the scan results for every asset or group. SGBox offers a huge number of reports out-of-the-box, increasing the level of details based of the different recipients. SGBox can use remote scanning sensors to monitor the vulnerability status of remote or branch offices. The scan engine feeds the SGBox correlation engine using scan statuses and other relevant informations to avoid false positives and prioritize the alarms.

Vulnerability Management and Advanced Reporting System


Vulnerability Prioritization

Scans for Compliance

Automate Processes

SGBox prioritize remediation based on asset criticality, threat context and vulnerability severity. Prioritize which exposures to fix first, if at all, and apply the appropriate remediation technique.

SGBox is ready to support compliance requirements of major regulations such as GDPR, SAMA Cyber Security Framework, PCIDSS and ISO27001.

Live discovery of any digital asset across any computing environment. Leverage different pre-built report template, automate scans and share data with your IT systems.



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