The new fish and chips “flavour”

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Like in no other places in britain we love fish and chips, but this new one will result some in-digest.


Who doesn’t like fish and chips? I do! And because of that, I tell while eating if the fish is fresh or not.. and if not I will still be paying the same for ‘ frozen fish.’ Is that fair?

In IT we have a term called phishing, imagine we are the fishs. All of us move around the cyberspace browsing, in any moment we want to bank with our bank and while we are operating on a web page that ‘seems’ to be our bank it isn’t; ‘hackers have replaced it, literally copied’ to be almost the same as our bank´s web page.

At the end of the day they will get gold of our bank account, credentials, etc., etc. all data our bank asked us to enter in their systems. So we get ‘fished.’.

There are some techniques to avoid entering  ‘fake’ web sites and some other techniques to avoid our web page get faked. But honestly its a matter of security knowledge. We as fish need to ‘suspect’ every time we browse the Internet and be sure that we are where the page says we are.

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