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Any company knows, at a particular time it will have a cyber-security problem, indeed quite often our clients, ask us ‘what else’ they can do to be secure against cybercriminals. That’s when we honestly say there’s nothing 100% secure; there are Zero Days, there’s human error, there are too many factors could be wrong, our mission is to reduce those factors, and for all the rest we are counting on COVERSURE INSURANCE SERVICES:

The team at Coversure Business Insurance are cyber insurance specialists. Their cyber insurance policies can help all businesses protect themselves from the potentially ruinous effects of a cyber-attack. For an affordable premium, their cover can protect you from being held to ransom, pay to have your systems restored following an attack, compensate you for loss of earnings and help with legal costs should the attack lead to you being sued. With over 50% of business having been breached in 2016 and 60% of small businesses cease trading following an attack, now’s the time to protect and survive.

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