One Guard

One Guard

Keeping track of what exactly you have connected to your network and where it is located for network configuration purposes can be quite a challenge. GFI OneGuard makes this process easy thanks to our device discovery engine which crawls your network to audit windows devices that are connected. It can track and report hardware, software, patch levels and so much more, even on remote systems!

With IT budgets and time always under pressure, you need all the help you can get to manage your network.

You need a solution that can reliably automate many resource-intensive tasks while protecting devices and users from harm. Add configurable reporting, communication and system control tools into the mix and you have the ideal opportunity to do more with less.

Centralized control over your network

With GFI OneGuard, IT Administrators can view the status of multiple networks, without having to open multiple applications or consoles. GFI OneGuard provides you with a single widgetized dashboard view on antivirus services, patch management deployment status, network auditing and much more.

Real-time business antivirus protection

Kaspersky Lab is a name that needs no introduction. With a legendary reputation in the world of antivirus and security, the company provides one of the most reliable antivirus engines in the world. GFI OneGuard utilizes the Kaspersky Lab AV engine for its AV component that provides the ultimate real-time protection.
The system will install an agent on every machine on the network and will control each antivirus instance centrally. Scanning, signature updates and immunisation will all happen automatically on a schedule configured by you. It is the easiest way to protect your network from viruses.

Patch management and deployment

The auditing and deployment of software patches across an estate is a laborious task that no Admin wants to undertake, yet cannot avoid. GFI OneGuard helps by automating much of the work involved, you can quickly assess software levels on every connected device and patch accordingly.
GFI OneGuard can be configured to automatically patch operating systems, applications, browsers and more. You set the patch level, the schedule and the exact updates to install. GFI OneGuard will do the rest.

Network auditing and asset tracking

To effectively protect your network, you have to know exactly what is where. That’s where network auditing comes in. GFI OneGuard can automatically scan and discover every Windows® device on any of your networks, anywhere. Centrally controlled, the auditing engine will search and report back on hardware, software and installed applications.

Other value added features

GFI OneGuard also provides messaging tools to broadcast alerts and information to users, remote reboot or shutdown capabilities and a fully fledged reporting system to deliver information you need within minutes.