Prot-On is the best tool to keep control of the files that you have shared. Even after they have been shared through any channel, you can still hold control and be the owner of the file. You can block access or change the user permissions remotely.

Prot-On can help you to:

Comply with the security measures wich apply to files according to the data protection laws in a simple way

Protect your documents PDF, Office, text, vĂ­deos, audios o pictures. All copies of a protected file (autorized or not), will remain procteed eand encrypted, whatever reside

Access Control

You will choose who, when, when and for what reason is accessing to the protected files. This way every time a user trying to open a copy of the protected document Prot-On will check if he gots the correct permissions to the actions is willing to do

Monitor the activity

Prot-On help you to monitor what actions have had suffer a protected document and also you couldodify the permissions for that file wherever you are

Why we recommend Prot-On in your company?

Will control how you storage cloud documents to preven a leack of information.

Control your Data inside and outside your organization

Helps to easyly share the information

Prot-On help to be in line with the GDPR

Send secured emails

Prot-On allow you to send encrypted e-mails and only be read by the recipients

Reporting sharing, manuals, books or whatever protected by Intelectual property

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