Keep control of your files wherever they are

Decide who and when can access and what they can do

What is Prot-On?

Protect your Files Control Access Track activity
Protect your documents (PDF, Word, Excel...), texts, video, audio or images
Decide who can access your protected file, when and what for
Check the file activity log and change permissions when you wan

All copies of the document will be protected with strong encryption regardless of where they are stored; Devices, Cloud Services, USB...

Every time users try to open the protected document Prot-On will check if they are authorized to do so and what type of access they have.

You can check the activity log to see who has accessed your document, and change permissions even after the file has been distributed.


Why use Prot-On?

Prot-On allows enterprises, professionals or home users to share information online via any channel
and retain control and ownership of the information

Control Information inside and outside the company

Comply with Data Protection Laws easily Distribute books, tutorials, reports... securely
Share confidential Information safely both inside and outside of your organization or enterprise Comply with the security measures applicable to files according to Data Protection Laws in a simple way The recipients will be able to access the document only if they have permissions for, as long as you want
Protect the information in your cloud services Exchange emails messages securely Block access to information when you lose trust
Keep documents or folders protected in the cloud ensuring that only authorized people can access them Send confidential emails encrypted and accessible only by the authorized recipients Prevent information leaks by former or unloyal employees, or external parties you lose trust on


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