Replace Symantec with Panda

Are you worried about recent changes? Replacing Symantec? Get a fresh and reliable start with Panda.

Why Panda Security is good for businesses

• Panda Security understands risks associated with stakeholders and staff, and safeguards their activity, access and content from all cyberthreats.

• Cutting edge EDR technology with 100% classification, to prevent any malicious process executing, and Threat Hunting to identify malwareless ‘Living off the Land’ and other hacker attacks, all as a service.

• Centralised cloud portal for ease of management, licensing, complete visibility and activity reporting. This frees up your IT administrators from firefighting or investigating false security alerts.

• Additional modules: Advanced Reporting Tool, Patch Management, Encryption and Data Control, that increase cyber resilience and require no additional installation or infrastructure.

• Easy and quick to deploy including auto uninstaller capabilities, saving time and effort to migrate from common security solutions to Panda Security.

• UK based technical, sales and operational support. Panda Security are available to assist with all aspects of your security lifecycle.

• Competitive commercial terms for Businesses, including buy-out of existing subscriptions (subject to terms) to benefit from best-of-breed solutions at the best possible pricing.

Contact us today for your free trial, and see how easy it to switch to Panda.