AI Powered Endpoint Protection

SecureAPlus is the unique amalgamation of essential security features that protect enterprise endpoints against multiple attack vectors - known or unknown, file or file-less, internal or external.

The Three Pillars of Essential Security Features

With multiple layers of defense through its powerful yet simple Application Whitelisting, more than 10 anti-virus engines in the cloud with Universal AV, and AI-powered APEX engine rest assured that it is the only security solution ever need.



The First Pillar

Application Control & Whitelisting

When close to a million pieces of malware are created each day, chances are that an anti-virus is not going to keep up. The latest and most advanced forms of malware are undetectable with zero-day threats always a step ahead of any anti-virus available in the market.

Application Whitelisting puts you ahead of the curve. It strictly prevents unauthorized applications from running amok your endpoints – keeping untrusted and potentially malware-ridden software from distracting users from the things that matter to your business the most.


The Second Pillar

APEX Engine

SecureAge APEX Engine harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) with deep learning to take on the threats of today and tomorrow.

Leveraging on the power of big data, the APEX engine goes beyond traditional scanners by effectively and reliably spotting malicious patterns to efficiently allow for quick decisions based on prior experience. It can adaptively update its knowledge against newer and unseen malware variants that may attempt to infect endpoints during an outbreak.


The Third Pillar


The 2 key flaws of anti-viruses are that not a single one can detect close to every threat and that they are not created equals.

Available for commercial use, our patented Universal AV provides increased coverage and detection against known threats by using more than 10 anti-virus engines at a time while leveraging cloud technology for minimum performance impact.

























  Awarded VB100 Certification





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