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Most data breaches are either due to insider actions, both intentional and accidental, or are intercepted while in transit. Both of these cases involve the proper operation of data storage devices.

The Two Pillars of Inherent and Invisible Data Security

SecureAge SecureData provides transparent and automatic file and folder data encryption of individual files at their inception and without user deliberation, action, or even awareness. Inherent and Invisible PKI encryption protects the data whether leaked, lost, or stolen.

Furthermore, integrated application whitelisting and application binding features combat any viruses, malware, zero-day attacks or APT (Advanced Persistent Threats) that would lead to data breaches in the first place.

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The First Pillar

File Level Data Encryption

SecureData incorporates a smart, highly flexible, policy-based and end-to-end data encryption solution that protects your data files and folders from data leaks across all types of storage media. Real security requires file-level encryption, the simple way it should have always been.


Every File

Every Place

Every Time

With no need to consciously remember to encrypt data that is being processed, enjoy a secure yet natural workflow.

Every file is encrypted no matter where it resides – from creation to storage on any location or medium, even in the cloud.

Whenever a file is accessed, edited, moved, duplicated, or touched in any way, the encryption remains in effect.


The Second Pillar

Application Integrity

Protection against Advanced Persistent Threats (APT), Sniffers, and threats such as Man-in-the-Middle attacks and Zero-Day vulnerabilities require Application Integrity. SecureData ensures the integrity of the files encrypted at the application layer with Application Whitelisting and Application Binding.


Application Whitelisting

Application Binding

Combats sophisticated Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) and malware attacks by maintaining a running list of trusted applications that are allowed to run. Limits data access to authorized applications for specific purposes, protecting processes potentially compromised by Zero-Day malware.
This method effectively blocks everything else, including ransomware and all executable malware, from running and accessing any encrypted files. Also creates an “Application Sandbox” where only files from a specific directory are readable and writeable, restricting high-risk applications such as browsers from automatically accessing sensitive data without consent.



SecureData Benefits at a Glance

Security  without impacting  productivity

Straightforward Implementation

Global Regulatory Compliance

Minimum end-user training to ensure data security practices for daily use.

Integration of SecureData into various systems and networks is straightforward, requires minimal effort, and is complemented by the expertise provided by a dedicated support team.

SecureData is compliant with GDPR, HIPAA, SOX, DSS PCI, GLBA, TRM and many other similarly thrilling acronyms.


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