Flexible Volume Encryption

SecureDisk creates and manages virtual disks with volume encryption on any Windows computer. All files stored in the secure disk volume are encrypted and fully protected and entirely hidden from view.

SecureDisk Volume Encryption in 3 Simple Steps




Create and Mount

Create one or more encrypted virtual disks with volume encryption on an individual PC or network server using either Triple-DES or 256-bit AES encryption algorithms; then mount to access the files hidden safely within.

Volumes can also be mounted across a network to secure all files transferred throughout corporate networks.



Encrypt and Decrypt

Simply drag and drop files and folders to the virtual disks with volume encryption for persistent security throughout transmission.

Files written and read from the secure disk volume are automatically encrypted and decrypted without any additional actions from the user.



Authenticate and Control

SecureDisk enables PKI-based authentication and access control with default 1024/2048-bit public key and 168/256-bit encryption algorithms. Only PKI authenticated users are able to decrypt files stored in the encrypted disk volume.

Unlike password based volume encryption systems, there is no fixed key; so adding or removing individual users or groups of users will not compromise security.


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