Point-to-Point Network Security

SecureNetguard secures and protects all incoming and outgoing network and communications with 256-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security).

Enterprise Network Security with SecureNetguard


SecureNetguard Client

SecureNetguard Server

SecureNetguard Client will automatically upgrade the outgoing traffic accordingly and secure the connection to the designated server if the outgoing traffic is unsecured

SecureNetguard Server is developed using the latest Java technology and supports almost all types of server platforms and any existing or proprietary applications.




SecureNetguard Implementations


SSL VPN encrypts data as it enters and passes through the network, but data remains in plain when inside the corporate network. Installation of SecureNetguard as a Java applet with SSL VPN on your endpoint devices ensures end-to-end encryption in preventing insider attacks

For File Transfer System

Information Broker (IB) Server contains SecureNetguard server. SecureNetguard Client installed on endpoint devices will protect all incoming and outgoing transactions between applications and IB Server.


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