Terranova Security

Terranova Security has become a global leader in cyber security awareness, recognized by Gartner, with 1000+ successful phishing, GDPR and security awareness programs spanning over 6 million users. Organizations continue to leverage the Terranova security awareness 5-step framework which provides an evidence-based, step by step approach to a successful security awareness program. The 5-step framework is complemented with the industry’s richest and highly interactive content. The offering can be personalized and available in 40+ languages, allowing security awareness teams design programs that deliver measurable improvements, drastically reduce breaches and protect from data loss.


E-learning is the process that is made possible by the use of modern communication and internet technologies that enable people to learn anywhere and anytime. Targeted platforms for E-learning both reduce costs and provide efficiency.

It enables you to manage your training organizations from a single-center, to follow the training and development of your employees, to make measurement and evaluation. It is a handy platform for HR Experts to produce measurable results.

 The easy-to-understand, user-friendly platform allows quick access from different locations via the web or mobile application. You can create training, exams, activities, evaluation forms, and questionnaires in a few steps.

Browser Friendly

Although the LMS is efficient and budget-friendly, many e-learning systems still has some bugs. Terranova Security learning management system (LMS) allows users to access training material from a wide range of browsers, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. It doesn’t have browser roadblocks such other LMS solutions.

User Centric Content Management

It allows the user to Access type of modules which suit their business task. Your team doesn’t have to organize education modules and lose time. 

Easy Access and Multilingual Support 

Training materials can be easily filtered to suit their needs. Thus, the user quickly catches the appropriate training. The LMS must meet the requirements of such multilingual reality and strive for global education. Terranova Security LMS serves as a multilingual platform. 


Businesses can obtain reports on the quality of learning and the success of employees in education. Metrics are presented, such as how much time is spent, completion status, what issues are missing. IT and HR departments can work together when results are monitored. 

LMS provides a more unified learning experience regarding data analysis and accessibility. 

Key Takeaway

Put yourself in the position of your employees. Your work is hectic, you have projects to do, and your workplace dictates participation in education. Do you think your employee can focus on training at that time?. The world is changing, move your training model to a personalized and digital platform. Participation occurs at their work station, at their own pace.

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